Fashion Future: What will be in Steve’s Stylebook



Shoes are a staple in any woman or man’s wardrobe, so companies such as Steve Madden will not be going anywhere any time soon. Even though shoes are a necessity, companies still need to do certain things to make themselves stand out from the rest. From the beginning, Steven Madden has been a revolutionary brand, leading the trend wave, and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. This is why I do not worry about the stability of this company within the next 50 years.

The Steve Madden brand has a few things going for it to begin with, a strong consumer base, popular celebrity supporters and big name collaborators. This brand has a strong marketing technique that keeps the brand fresh, alive and relevant. By continuing this same mindset, the brand should continue to thrive.

Also, this brand has become so solid that is has been able to acquire other brands in which it is able to mirror the same techniques, but in reality, it is able to strategically make Steve Madden the brand that they want it to be with the consumer it desires.

As long as Steve can stay fashion-forward and style-savvy as it always has, the consumer will never leave, but the tactics such as making music relationships and creating magazines and social media platforms to advertise his product will ultimately be how he can continue to gain new fans and keep his brand as popular as it is now.

It is hard to think of what the style will be in 50 years, but knowing the fashion industry, they are probably already thinking about the next fabulous thing that will take the world by storm.




Filling Empty Shoes with Spunk and Success



As crazy as it seems, the moment you get arrested these days it seems like that’s when you start going places. It isn’t very often that you see a celebrity with a clean history, and when a movie is made with your story as its main feature, that’s when you know you’ve made it big time!

Steve Madden made his step up to sketchy stardom by getting arrested for securities fraud and money laundering back in 2002. With these charges, he was ordered to step down as CEO of his own company and serve his time while the Madden employees cleaned up the mess. They weathered the storm as well as it could have though, still standing tall today as a premier footwear brand. When Steve was away, the brand took an interesting approach to their marketing. Rather than completely avoiding the topic that their former CEO was learning to love the color orange and rather simple footwear in prison, they used it in a “wink wink” way, as explains it, to create hype. The clever ads were simple by appearance compared to previous designs, but, the message they sent was what made the statement. The ads read, with a pair of empty shoes above the text, “There’s one pair of shoes that’s been impossible to fill. Steve returns Spring 2005.”

Although it was a controversial move in many marketing professionals’ opinions, the bold move seemed to prove successful. Would you really expect anything else from the brand that brought the attention seeking platform pumps to existence?

Today, Steve has reclaimed his throne as CEO of the Steve Madden brand. His empire is continually growing and his openness of his adventure has definitely helped him gain respect from those in society.



@SteveMadden #MaddCrazyAboutSocialMedia



In the modern society that we live in, all things to do with social media are the new way of communicating and expressing yourself. By looking at a person’s social media pages, you are able to learn a lot about who they are and what they enjoy. For instance, if you take a peek at a person’s Pinterest, you will most likely see their fantasy life all planned out and their dream closet decked out with all of the trendiest styles that they try to mimic while storming the stores on their next shopping trip. Social media presence is important. Not only for individuals, but brands as well. This is something that Steve Madden does very successfully. By having accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube, the brand is able to show its online fashionistas what is new and how to wear it, creating closet envy to the extreme.

Although Steve Madden has standard advertisements in magazines and online, its social media outlets stand as their most successful marketing tool in my opinion. Visiting any of the brand’s pages you can see that it has a strong brand identity and they have a voice with attitude and style that resonates well with most women in their target audience. Without the consistent social media presence, people wouldn’t know the Steve Madden Brand as commonly as they do today. Whenever I check my Instagram, I can expect at least one new post from Mr. Madden and it always makes me want to shop and freshen up my wardrobe. It is definitely a dangerous event when a photo of artistic pumps or wedges in a city scene pops up on my feed. And if a sale is mentioned with it, my credit card is sure to get a pretty good workout.



A Platformed Success in Fashion


Steve Madden, a brand known primarily for fashion-forward footwear, was founded over 20 years ago. Since then, the brand has expanded to be one of the most successful in its industry, as well as making strides in accessories, sleepwear and legwear.

Although the Steve Madden products speak for themselves, there is much to be said about the way the company markets its brand. From having celebrity footwear lines to hosting concerts through SM Music or being featured in large-scale films, the Steven Madden brand has had a journey that is worthy of taking a closer look at.

Anybody can see by taking a glance at the Steve Madden website that this brand screams uniqueness, boldness and as the website states, “funky independence.” The brand has a high-class feel to it, but still appeals to the fashionista in the everyday woman or man. Although you can see that the celebrities are wearing the Steve Madden brand, the company’s products are attainable, giving the everyday person some sort of relationship with the world of the rich and famous. The message here is that everybody can be the star of his or her own world.

Steve Madden also “umbrellas” many other brands that are either branches of or were bought out by Steve Madden. All of these brands visibly show the same direction as its parent company and value the importance of creating a brand lifestyle and products that show innovation and excitement. The main focus is to always design products that look toward the future.


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