A Platformed Success in Fashion


Steve Madden, a brand known primarily for fashion-forward footwear, was founded over 20 years ago. Since then, the brand has expanded to be one of the most successful in its industry, as well as making strides in accessories, sleepwear and legwear.

Although the Steve Madden products speak for themselves, there is much to be said about the way the company markets its brand. From having celebrity footwear lines to hosting concerts through SM Music or being featured in large-scale films, the Steven Madden brand has had a journey that is worthy of taking a closer look at.

Anybody can see by taking a glance at the Steve Madden website that this brand screams uniqueness, boldness and as the website states, “funky independence.” The brand has a high-class feel to it, but still appeals to the fashionista in the everyday woman or man. Although you can see that the celebrities are wearing the Steve Madden brand, the company’s products are attainable, giving the everyday person some sort of relationship with the world of the rich and famous. The message here is that everybody can be the star of his or her own world.

Steve Madden also “umbrellas” many other brands that are either branches of or were bought out by Steve Madden. All of these brands visibly show the same direction as its parent company and value the importance of creating a brand lifestyle and products that show innovation and excitement. The main focus is to always design products that look toward the future.


Picture link and information found at: http://www.stevemadden.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=AboutUs&cm_sp=globalfooter-_-about%20aboutsteve


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