Fashion Future: What will be in Steve’s Stylebook



Shoes are a staple in any woman or man’s wardrobe, so companies such as Steve Madden will not be going anywhere any time soon. Even though shoes are a necessity, companies still need to do certain things to make themselves stand out from the rest. From the beginning, Steven Madden has been a revolutionary brand, leading the trend wave, and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. This is why I do not worry about the stability of this company within the next 50 years.

The Steve Madden brand has a few things going for it to begin with, a strong consumer base, popular celebrity supporters and big name collaborators. This brand has a strong marketing technique that keeps the brand fresh, alive and relevant. By continuing this same mindset, the brand should continue to thrive.

Also, this brand has become so solid that is has been able to acquire other brands in which it is able to mirror the same techniques, but in reality, it is able to strategically make Steve Madden the brand that they want it to be with the consumer it desires.

As long as Steve can stay fashion-forward and style-savvy as it always has, the consumer will never leave, but the tactics such as making music relationships and creating magazines and social media platforms to advertise his product will ultimately be how he can continue to gain new fans and keep his brand as popular as it is now.

It is hard to think of what the style will be in 50 years, but knowing the fashion industry, they are probably already thinking about the next fabulous thing that will take the world by storm.




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